Major Arcana: The Moon (XVIII)

Read about the meaning of the eighteenth Major Arcana card

This card's represented by the Moon, which dominates the entire drawing. Under the Moon, a dog's barking, and a wolf's howling. A crayfish's crawling out of the lake. On each side of the picture, there's a tower. This tarot card suggests a lot of mystery, but also a lot of emotion and sensitivity. Learn more about the Moon card from the Major Arcana Tarot.

The Moon: The eighteenth Major Arcana card

The Moon's very powerful, in all its splendor.  It's showing a lot of rays around it with which it's sending its glow to the world. The dog and the wolf are barking and howling, respectively, at the Moon, representing both the wild and docile aspects of our mind. They're on each side of a long path.

The animals are oriented towards the Moon, implying how changeable and dependent the unconscious part of the human being is.  Deep waters mean deep emotions that may not be understood. Deep waters also represent the subconscious mind. The Moon's weeping, since it sees the dark, arid, and sad part of life. The towers express positive and negative forces, our struggle to distinguish between good and evil.

The crayfish's emerging from the water towards the long path. It represents us, humans, going towards the unknown. There's a constant bipolarity: the courage to face facts with resolution and fear; good and evil impulses; the desire to face problems.

From a numerological point of view, it's card number 18. It implies that the limit's reached at the mental level. It's astrologically connected to the sign of Pisces,  a sign of the water element.

The moon card in the Tarot implies mastery of the unconscious part in the human being. It means we're like a "sponge." To such an extent, we're so sensitive that a person believes that things that happen to others can also happen to them.  It represents instability, surrender, unconditional love.

The Moon in Tarot readings

In a Tarot spread, the Moon refers to mothers, especially to your mother, to authentic people, navigators, those who have night jobs, historians, literature and authors, family members who work together as well as anyone who uses their creativity on a daily basis; also, to a child brought up with old values.

It's an ideal card if it appears in those tarot readings related to the home, the family, or our ancestors because it means that the Tarot wants to reveal its message to you. With this card, night-time events take on particular importance, so the event you're asking about might occur at night.

From the spiritual point of view

Sometimes you need to experience pain and suffering to know what they are and to be able to overcome both.

From the physical point of view

Your feet. Round body, large watery eyes. Sad features.

From the worldly point of view

Incongruities, situations with no apparent meaning that nobody understands; what we don't dare to unveil. Sadness, insecurities, and fears. Dreams. The need to sleep a lot.
People who don't face life out of fear. Inability to work. Weakness. People with enormous needs that are impossible to meet. Immaturity.


Wet, cold, dark, and empty places.


Night. Unwisely used moments.