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Don’t Let Your Past Dictate You Future!

We don’t have to let our past dictate, or predict, our future.

A Lesson in Intuitive Tarot: December Tarot Meetup at Panera in Lutz

At our December Tarot Meetup, I learned something important about teaching tarot intuition.

A Review of Chrysalis Tarot

Christiana Gaudet Reviews Chrysalis Tarot.

How Sacred are Tarot Archetypes?

Does the dumbing down or cheering up of tarot make tarot less effective? Does the re-imagining of tarot archetypes make a deck any less a tarot deck?

A Review of Japaridze Tarot

I think Japaridze Tarot may be the most important new deck of 2014!

A New Tarot Meetup is Born

The Tampa Bay Area Tarot Meetup is Born!

You are Invited to Tea!


The 2014 Samhain Tarot Blog Hop

Welcome to the Samhain 2014 Tarot Blog Hop. Whether this is a spiritual holiday for you, a time to party, both or neither, I hope this October 31st has found you in good spirits!

Some Business Advice for Aspiring Tarot Professionals

Do the right research when you start your tarot business!

The Wheel of Fortune Again

Here's what the Wheel of Fortune told me!

Tarot by Numbers: Seven, Eight, Nine

Here are some great tarot exercises for journaling or group study, focusing on the numbers Seven, Eight and Nine.


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