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Tarot Study Online Opportunites

If you want a quick and easy way to make money, get a job. If you want to embrace a spiritual tool that allows you to access personalized wisdom from the Universe for yourself and others, learn tarot.

Three Tarot Cards that Help us Look to the Past

Here are three tarot cards that help us process and understand the past.

Gendering Tarot

Some thoughts about gender and tarot.

The Four Agreements for Tarot Readers

How do "The Four Agreements" work for Tarot Readers?

A Joyful Summer Solstice

For the Tarot Blog Hop, some thought about joy.

A Review of Lilith by Ambika Devi

"Lilith" is an interesting new novel from Ambika Devi.

Find Yourself with Divination

Who are you, at your core?

This is a topic I often speak about, and write about, because it comes up so often in readings.

One of the reason that divination is so helpful is that divination is a way to help us discover our true identity – our core.

Sometimes we get stuck trying to be the person other people want us to be.

Sometimes we get stuck trying to become the person we think we should be.

Sometimes our self-perception is marred by low self-esteem or over-inflated ego.

The Fortune Teller is Here

Fortune Telling Doesn't Have to be Creepy!

Tarot and the Woman Alone

What two tarot cards can tell us about the changing ways we view women in society.

A Vision Realized: A Review of Oracle of Visions

Christiana's written and video review of "Oracle of Visions."


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