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Tarot, Psychic Addiction and Emotional Illness: The Balance Between Free Will and Fate

Recently in my “Answers to your Questions about Tarot” YouTube video series I have fielded two questions that each touch on emotional illness and tarot.  One was about “Tarot Slavery,” or psychic addiction. The other was about reading for “Eeyore,” that is, people who are so negative about their lives they do not believe they have any power to make it better.

Three Tarot Cards to tell you the Future is Wide Open

Here are Three Tarot Cards that Leave the Future up to You!]

Seven of my Favorite Tarot Blogs

 Here are seven blogs about tarot I enjoy!

Be an April Fool!

On April First I celebrate the Fool of tarot!

A Time for Renewal

For this Ostara Tarot Blog Hop, our wrangler, Joanne Sprott, has asked us to honor the season by celebrating resurrection and rebirth. Gladly I will!

Giving Voice to Tarot

In a reading, what happens when you don't know what to say about the cards you see?

Another Kind of Tarot Trend

Sometimes the Universe has a message for all of us!

Three Truths about Teaching Tarot

Here are some things that are true for me about teaching tarot!

Twenty-Two Life Lessons from the Major Arcana

What can you learn from the Major Arcana?

It's About Time: Seven Tarot Cards that can Indicate Timing

Here are seven tarot cards that could give your reading a sense of timing!


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