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Dancing with the Queen of Pentacles

For the Tarot Blog Hop, how I channel my inner Queen of Pentacles.

Four Tarot Suits, a New Relationship and a Tarot Journal

Keeping a tarot journal will help you learn the cards and track changes in your life!

The Purpose of Suffering

Suffering isn't punishment, nor is it pointless.

Origin Stories

Everyone, from superheroes to nations, has an origin story. How does yours help or hurt you?

Tarot Study Online Opportunites

If you want a quick and easy way to make money, get a job. If you want to embrace a spiritual tool that allows you to access personalized wisdom from the Universe for yourself and others, learn tarot.

Three Tarot Cards that Help us Look to the Past

Here are three tarot cards that help us process and understand the past.

Gendering Tarot

Some thoughts about gender and tarot.

The Four Agreements for Tarot Readers

How do "The Four Agreements" work for Tarot Readers?

A Joyful Summer Solstice

For the Tarot Blog Hop, some thought about joy.

A Review of Lilith by Ambika Devi

"Lilith" is an interesting new novel from Ambika Devi.


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