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Three Tarot Cards to tell you the Future is Wide Open

Here are Three Tarot Cards that Leave the Future up to You!]

Seven of my Favorite Tarot Blogs

 Here are seven blogs about tarot I enjoy!

Be an April Fool!

On April First I celebrate the Fool of tarot!

A Time for Renewal

For this Ostara Tarot Blog Hop, our wrangler, Joanne Sprott, has asked us to honor the season by celebrating resurrection and rebirth. Gladly I will!

Giving Voice to Tarot

In a reading, what happens when you don't know what to say about the cards you see?

Another Kind of Tarot Trend

Sometimes the Universe has a message for all of us!

Three Truths about Teaching Tarot

Here are some things that are true for me about teaching tarot!

Twenty-Two Life Lessons from the Major Arcana

What can you learn from the Major Arcana?

It's About Time: Seven Tarot Cards that can Indicate Timing

Here are seven tarot cards that could give your reading a sense of timing!

Getting Real

What do we mean when we speak of "real men" and "real women?"


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